Krieghoff K32 San Remo need price value help

Discussion in 'Skeeters Corner' started by Randy, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. Randy

    Randy Well-Known Member

    Might buy a K32 San Remo skeet need info on value so I don’t over pay
    1) gun in great shape, bluing looks good doesn’t look shot alot
    2) serial number is a 93x or 96x I forgot exactly engraving unsigned flying ducks
    3) stock red wood and forearm look good
    4) forend metal does match receiver
    5) comes with 3 barrels
    6) 2 barrels numbered to gun 26” inch length choked fixed skeet, skeet and 26” improved cylinder, skeet.
    7) 1 barrel numbers do not match but fitted to gun 28 inch fixed choke full and modified .
    8) comes with original leather 4 barrel case

    How can I tell if it has a Krieghoff K32 triggers verse Remington?

    Do you think gun started off as a four gun package and over the years the 3 numbered to gun barrels sold off and he added another 12 gauge.
    Or do you think gun was purchased as a two gun set skeet and the 28 barrel added later since numbers don’t match.

    How much is too much
    Good price range to guy?
  2. Michael jenis

    Michael jenis Well-Known Member

    Remington 32 triggers has the safety right behind the trigger,a little button you push left to right
  3. Michael jenis

    Michael jenis Well-Known Member

    Sorry ,Just looked at my 32 the safety is in the front part of the trigger not the back.
  4. MDavid

    MDavid Well-Known Member

    Judging by the serial # it should have Krieghoff triggers. The Remington triggers were only in the 1st 500 made. As far as the barrels you didn't say what gauges they were , so hard to say. The 26" barrels have almost no value and the 28" doesn't have much. If the 26" have the San Remo engraving they might be worth holding on to just for the sake of originality, but that would be about it. I had two 3 digit San Remos. Bad thing about the 3 digit is if you ever want to upgrade the wood you practically have to get something custom made as it is almost impossible to get anything current from Krieghoff to fit it. Also I've had some Krieghoff gunsmiths cuss and spit about have to work on those old triggers, but they can be serviced. As far as value given the barrels that come with it, being a 3 digit, and the condition you say it's in, $5000 max.
  5. MDavid

    MDavid Well-Known Member

    This was my old 3 digit. #668, 30" barrel.


    DIXIE SPECIAL 25 Mega Poster

    Do yourself a favor and buy a K80 instead. Not trying to be a jerk......
  7. Randy

    Randy Well-Known Member

    Bought a nice one this weekend good project listed my k32 on this site if anyone is interested
    Thanks for all the advice
  8. g7777777

    g7777777 Elite Poster

    Not a lot of buyers at any condition for 3 didgit serial numbers. So lower value.
  9. bossbasl

    bossbasl Active Member

    Do yourself a favor and buy a late number San Remo that has been serviced and K80 trigger installed by Krieghoff 'smith, choose your barrel(s) and have a nice custom stock fitted. Nothing finer and a lot less than a comparable grade K80.
  10. amboy49

    amboy49 Active Member

    Here is what you are talking about. There are some additional enhancements that were done by Bill Mains. I have other pics but you get the idea. Putting the gun together - getting the Mains enhancements, having a Wenig stock made, and selecting the barrels was half the fun.
    D95F7E9D-CB95-4C0F-B08B-526BCBD898BA.jpeg 8AB2BBE7-53F5-4F37-90A8-8489DB6BE04C.jpeg BF42ED95-16EA-4F4E-9144-665ACCD65F1F.jpeg 59035AF1-643D-42FE-BA99-B7F2ACF918D1.jpeg D95E3EF2-F005-4E0A-BE7E-F5692A1692A0.jpeg 57DC32E0-2069-48DF-82C1-6F8097CB3DB7.jpeg
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