Krieghoff Engraving in the works!

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  1. Here's a project we've been working on for a client in TX and want to share!
    On a K-80 Frame and inspired by classic Celtic scroll and Christian/Catholic influence our client sent us 2 pictures of his desired pattern and Sentimental Cross Shield and our in house engravers set to work on the drawings to scale and since approved we have been working hard on the engraving for the last few months an average of 20 hours per week. Here is the progress so far!
    -Royal Sporting Arms
    IMG_8804.jpg IMG_8816.jpg IMG_8812.jpg IMG_8811.jpg IMG_4670.jpg IMG_8801.JPG IMG_8800.jpg IMG_8808.jpg IMG_8813.jpg
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    Very cool.
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    Wow, that is amazing!
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    Makes me dizzy.
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    Beautiful work, but I don't care for it on that gun.
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    Nicely Done
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    Looks like a sticker out of a cereal box