I had a visitor

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    Watching TV and look what showed up. It happens every day in the winter. 831E995D-4EC0-4C3E-98ED-BB1BC2E49EAE.jpeg
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    Mi guests can't reach our windows, but come through the back yard every day. Nice picture! The buck needed some cream rinse as it had just stopped pouring rain! The little doe was from last year, She now has a friend that is with her all the time. My dogs bark at them, but they know the dogs can't get to them and they don't even run away anymore.
    backyard buck.jpg resting doe.jpg
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    I thought maybe you were not in your stand and she stopped by to see if you were OK.
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    ME TOO !!!--My window peeker is prettier than yours !!

    044 (2).JPG 010 (14).JPG 015 (8).JPG