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  1. 635 G

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    This is Joe Biden's administration after their first year in office. Who can they call or what can they do to get back on their feet? A baby step in the right direction would be to restore our energy independence.
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  2. ljutic329

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    Doesn't want to restore our energy independence, he's a communist like all demorat's. He's tied in with the Gooks in China and the Middle East moron's.
    They want to take the real America down so they can rule your life.
    Remember Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini.
    If it hadn't been for the brave men in WW11, the Italians would be speaking German.
    Thank you George Patton
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  3. bpd20

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    Joe has about 6 months to move more center to try to save the election in 2022. He won't be able to, this train wreck has hurt way too many people.
    Hillary is salivating at the chance to kick him out of the way for her resurrection.
  4. Agrid

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    Sit tight for the next 3 years,