Hardwater Northern Angling.....aka Ice Fishing Pike!

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    Here are a few pics from some of our catches this past winter....
    3cc6ff56-3c2a-4880-a572-afbdae3bef91.jpg 05D27BE8-95BB-4C12-AFCA-4653CAFC9FE6-L0-001.JPEG FDDAFE6D-E96A-4401-BB82-109DABBABC7F-L0-001.JPG 47E91EEE-5F63-4E06-94A7-FA494DE5E74D-L0-001.jpeg 8f144580-b74f-4062-8519-be4b6a9cc972.jpg C96ACD6B-85F5-47D1-B346-C778FB03A543-L0-001.jpg IMG_7459.jpg IMG_7471.jpg IMG_7606.jpg IMG_7604.jpg
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    Boy how I miss the old days Hard Water fishing on Canandaigua (NY) Lake for Lakers !
    NY JAN. 2009 (4).jpg
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    A few more.... IMG_7665.jpg IMG_7613.jpg IMG_7238.jpg IMG_7462.jpg 430905c2-e830-401b-a289-22bbba46ed9c (2).JPG IMG_8207.jpg IMG_7603.JPG
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    No just northern pike. They stocked it with walleye back in the 90's but you can't find one. I think they had very marginal if any spawning habitat and with it being hard to access the past 20 years due to a bridge out on the logging road into it the pike population exploded and created a lake full of above average size pike. You can see a long ways on an aqua-vu camera it's such clear water and I've never yet seen any kind of fish but pike. You also do not catch many small pike. Most are over 5lbs. I think they have eaten all the walleye and now cannibalize each other. They will eye a spoon tipped with a minnow with caution but put a piece of pike belly or skin on it and they absolutely smash it.
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    Nice catch.
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