FYI. Remington model 32 and K model 32.

Discussion in 'Skeeters Corner' started by Bulge, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Bulge

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    Just in case some of you are not aware, a lot of Krieghoff parts will fit right onto a Remington model 32. I have a Rem 32 26.5" skeet gun that I was trying to sell and was asked if the barrel was loose at all. I had to be honest and tell the guy that the barrel had a minimal amount of play. I started to think about that and went into my Krieghoff parts box and had another set of hinge pins. Once I changed them the whole gun seemed to tighten up. I have swapped other worn Remington parts w, Krieghoff parts and they do interchange. Bulge.

    BTW, the skeet gun is for sale.
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  2. Ken Cerney

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    Bulge, How about the 3200. Any of the parts interchange?
  3. Bulge

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    No. Different gun as far as I know. Only thing similar is the look of the barrels. Bulge.
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  4. Dbl Auto

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    Here is a great vintage Remington M 32 pic. My Uncle holding my Grandfather's M 32 TC.
    Doug Allison
  5. Bulge

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    What's the serial# I may have that gun now. LOL.
  6. Dbl Auto

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    I wish I knew what the number was on that TC. My Grandfather sold it after a slump in the 50's, you know how it goes. It was last seen in a small shop in Upper Sandusky, Ohio in the early 60's. Dad recalls his Father telling the serial number to the guy behind the counter and it matched.

    The pic is from the early 1940's.
    Doug Allison
  7. Ken Cerney

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    Thanks Bulge. I knew that Remington sold the 32 to the K guys but didn't know if all of the 3200 changed from the original.
  8. Gerald

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    Barrels come very close to fitting as well. The K80 mono-block miked the same as my ou barrels.

    When the K80's came out years ago I tried one on my 32S frame and it almost fit perfect.

    I would have needed to change the hinge pins to the larger ones, but it locked up perfect and the top latch in the proper position.

    Firing pins on the K32 fit as well.

    Great design of a shotgun.

  9. Joe Winnicki

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    Great picture ! Looks like those barrels are 40 inchers ! In today's world your grandfather would be getting a visit from child protection services.

  10. Old1Eye

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    Just a note the first K 32 guns up to sea # 500 or so were exact copies of the Rem 32 the rib was also identical. Then Krieghof started to upgrade the gun and it had ongoing changes right up to the K 80 introduction. I am sure some parts interchange like the K 80 trigger fits the later K 32 just have to find an old-timer that knows what's what.
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  11. amboy49

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    My Kreighoff Model 32 has a K80 trigger ( not sure if the "guts" are K80). The stock cutout for the trigger guard is different on the K80 and the Model 32.