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Discussion in 'For Sale-Wanted to Buy' started by Jim Reid, Jan 3, 2022.

  1. Jim Reid

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    Krieghoff 32
    30" o/u barrel
    Serial # 2716
    Great shape, shoots well
    $3400 Delivered

    View attachment 53210 5BBF4DFF-C481-4E2E-8527-1C17B8E39E6C.jpeg 8702CEB3-BF12-40AF-838C-6FA06B7A162D.jpeg EBB69B32-F6C8-4660-A16E-F521E207F020.jpeg 3EFC0888-07AD-4B3F-BCC0-F3F1D2D0614D.jpeg 0F658F69-DE66-4983-AF10-16CA9C76891C.jpeg 5B9F3905-87A4-4AFB-AA69-BE8C4B1D4E11.jpeg 2BF2BDF8-11D0-405C-904C-A980F8B4420E.jpeg 8086F3F3-9E67-48E2-838C-30A7B41F4E61.jpeg 83724FB9-2DCC-4FA7-B14C-8C89F4752184.jpeg
  2. Jan Packard

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    What is the price?
  3. Jim Reid

    Jim Reid Member

  4. Kailsdad

    Kailsdad Kalisdad

    Hi Jim, if your looking for a new home for your model 32 for free I'm all in but I don't think that's what you want. if not you need to add the following information before the moderators slap your wrist.
    You need a price for the item
    You should also not key information, barrel length, chokes, pull or release trigger, LOP and if possible POI. Are stocks original or replacements and is gun original or re-blued. People also would like to know if barrel and receiver and iron have the same serial numbers and the Krieghoff fans also like to know serial numbers. If it has accessories like a hard case or not is important too! Add as much information you can about the unit as possible and what you are selling it for and then people can PM you with any questions, concerns, or to discuss it further. Don
  5. Jim Reid

    Jim Reid Member

    Thanks, I am new to posting this stuff, some of what you are asking for has been edited in.
  6. dean

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    I see it in the description, $3400 delivered.
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  7. bossbasl

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    Interested, but would need the following information: by whom, and when was the metal refinished?; any barrel interior modifications?; ported?; from whom and when was the wood replaced?; Stock dimensiions: LOP from middle of trigger to middle of butt, DAC, DAMC, DAH, Cast? Last Krieghoff annual service? You can post the information here, as any interested buyer should want this information, or PM if you wish? Thanks.
  8. Jim Reid

    Jim Reid Member

    Re-blueing by whom and when--unknown

    Barrel interior modifications-- None that I could tell

    Non-ported barrel

    Wood replacement from whom and when-- unknown

    LOP-- 14.5"

    Cast-- neutral




    Last Krieghoff service-- unknown

    Thanks for asking.
  9. bossbasl

    bossbasl Well-Known Member

    Jim: It is important to astute shotgun buyer's to know stock dimensions. It is easy enough to measure Drop at Comb, Drop at MonteCarlo, and Drop at Heel by placing the gun on a flat surface (e.g., a table) turned flat on rib (be certain mid bead is not touching surface) then measuring these distances (DAC, DAMC, DAH). Can't imagine anyone buying a shotgun sight-unseen without knowing if the gun fits. If you can provide this information I will consider purchasing. Thanks.
  10. bossbasl

    bossbasl Well-Known Member

    No information. No longer interested. GLWS.
  11. My3johns

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    Nice gun
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