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    I have been a CAA Premier member all of my life never used it when travelling but always felt very secure having it. My wife has MS and cannot walk without her scooter I never travelled anywhere without CAA. Last Monday on Highway 69 I was coming home from a shoot South of Lansing. About 25 miles from Port Huron I blew a rear tire, it tore my radiator fluid lines going to the rear heater.

    I called CAA right away and they answered I told them about me needing a tow truck. I was about a 1/4 mile from exit 68 Michigan fairgrounds sign. It was about 2 miles south of Imlay City. I thought I was lucky to be in an easy to find area with a cloverleaf exit number. They called and said the tow truck would be there in 42 minutes (at about 1:15). An hour and a half later I called the CAA number again asking where the tow truck was. The girl said she did not know but would look into it and call me back. An hour after that is was about 4 pm no calls from her came. I called the CAA number again a different girl said she would look into to see what happened to the calls and why no call or tow truck came. No calls from them at CAA or a tow truck were ever returned to me in over 4 hours.

    About 4:30 I called 911 and had a nice Michigan State Police officer came and helped us. Two other officers heard the call and came too. That was great service with very helpful officers. He said we use a real close towing service just up the road a few miles. He called them and got the number, we called and they said we will send a truck in about a half hour. The truck operator was there in about 20 minutes and took us to the Ford dealer just a few miles up the road. They dropped the car off at the dealer then took my wife to the close Days Inn. I talked to the service manager then the tow truck driver took me back the where my wife was at the Days Inn. The dealer got me 4 new tires repaired the truck and we got home late on Tuesday night.

    I have not talked to CAA yet but will. I am not interested in what their excuses are for no tow truck or calls. I always felt safe with that card in my wallet not now. My wife has enough stress with the MS she was really upset waiting for a bathroom and to get off the busy highway. We thought for hours after 3 calls a tow truck was coming what a joke that was. We were in a very busy area, on the busiest highway going West from Port Huron. There were gas stations and help close by everywhere in that area. The tow truck driver and one officer was not surprised about our story of no tow truck showing up with the CAA calls.

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    They are looking into it nobody had answers other than in the USA they say AAA handles the calls over there. It looks like they will pay my tow only $85, hotel and meals. They had someone say they tried to call me back twice but I never answered, cell phone was fully charged and in my hand.

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    Terry I have always had good luck with AAA, I've been a gold memeber for 37 years. I've used the service many times and one time in the dead of winter they towed my truck and me home from the Columbus airport at 1 in the morning when I got back from shooting out west and my truck wouldn't start. They said they would tow it anywhere I wanted and I wanted to be home to get it fixed by someone I knew.

    Saying that everything and anything we do today that is service related sucks. Thanks Brandon. I hope every thing is ok now.