buy me out, my entire pro shop & gun inventory

Discussion in 'Missouri- Vanzant Clay Pigeon Farm' started by bobski, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. bobski

    bobski USN Retired Range Owner

    all my pro shop items PLUS GUNS, plus Skeetmaster Inc...........71,000.00 plus ship.
    you pay shipping or come pick it up, but guns must go thru va. ffl.

    i have even more surplus, winchester shotguns, and winchester skeet / trap machines not listed. just ask and bring more cash. cash is king.

    will take a cash deal or trade in part for model 21 trap grade trap guns or immaculate high grade krieghoff 32 factory crown grade 4 bbl skeet or 2 bbl trap sets.
    pm me for details.
  2. bobski

    bobski USN Retired Range Owner