Basil Zmiyiwsky - Scammer?

Discussion in 'Report the Bastards!' started by 14flip, May 20, 2024.

  1. 14flip

    14flip Active Member

    He posted a Perazzi TM1 trigger for sale. I PM him and told him I would buy it
    May6th. - Sent a USPS money order and Priority mail it to him.

    May 13th - got a text tell me he was sorry for the delay, But working with a Kreighoff dealer to ship the trigger.
    All alarms we off with that statement. I told him a FFL was not needed and ship with UPS or USPS.

    May 15th - Text him if he ship....NO
    He told me he is returning the funds, which he did.
    However he didn't honor the deal that was made in good faith!

    I reported him to this Forum.

    I think he sold it for more to someone else............
  2. 14flip

    14flip Active Member

    I have all his Text Messages if need
  3. EUREKA Post 2

    EUREKA Post 2 Active Member Past State President

    He returned the funds but you still reported him as a scammer?
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  4. 14flip

    14flip Active Member

    He didn't sell me the item and stringing me along for days. This is disrespectful behavior.

    Hoe would you feel if it happen to you?
  5. Jack Olson

    Jack Olson Mega Poster

    Your lucky you got your money back.
  6. 14flip

    14flip Active Member

    I agree, you should read his texts and emails to me..........
  7. bobski

    bobski USN Retired Range Owner

    he isnt a scammer. he appears to be a dishonest seller.
    be glad to got your money back.