Anyone ever buy from:

Discussion in 'Report the Bastards!' started by 2600jamest, Sep 7, 2023.

  1. 2600jamest

    2600jamest Mega Poster

    Bdenny Well-Known Member,
    Looks like he took me for a ride. Anyone ever buy or sell with him?
  2. bob lowman

    bob lowman Mega Poster

    I've had several transactions with him over the years and everyone has been excellent
  3. 2600jamest

    2600jamest Mega Poster

    Bob, I hope I'm wrong, Bad, bad, smell, like a backed up septic tank
  4. bob lowman

    bob lowman Mega Poster

    Jim I posted the wrong response and I thought he was asking about you. I have never dealt with him. Sorry about the wrong response and hope it works out for you - Bob
  5. Reyper

    Reyper Mega Poster

    I have bought/sold with him many times throughout the years and he was always a gentleman to deal with. Hope everything works out. You’re welcome to contact me if you’d like. Good shooting, Rey
  6. Bdenny

    Bdenny Well-Known Member

    Well I’m Bdenny just exactly what is it I’ve done!
  7. 2600jamest

    2600jamest Mega Poster

    Bdenny. I'm sending you a PM
  8. 2600jamest

    2600jamest Mega Poster

    Attention Admin (Just Joe) I just had a phone conversation with Bdenny and he is not the person that scammed me. His account was hacked by some A. hole that should be a used car salesman.
    Sending PM to Just Joe
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  9. bobski

    bobski USN Retired Range Owner

    gramps just got scammed from the same hacker. be advised.