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    In todays world of excuses and reasons, I am pleased to share my experience with Talley MFG, in Santee South Carolina. I have been using Talley products for over 12 years with complete satisfaction. 8, or 10 years back, I had purchased several sets of both tactical and hunting style rings, and for the most part they sit around until I, or a friend mine need a set. After a few years go by, I open a box and noticed that one of the rings was cracked. I brought them with me to the Shot Show, and they explained to me that the rings that I was using was discontinued because of cracking, mainly because of overtightening, ( this wasn't the case with mine). They said send them back, and it will be replaced immediately, which they held true to their word. Yesterday, I came across a few more sets from the same lot, and I called Talley. I explained to them that I have had these rings for years, and wanted to know if they have the potential for cracking. They explained that they may or may not, however throw them away and replacements are in the mail. I asked him if he wanted me to send them back, and he politely replied not necessary. I apologize for not getting the young mans name, however Talley made a customer for life, and if the opportunity arises, I will tell this story over and over again.
    Thank you Talley

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