I did not support Buddy Shoot Price Increase

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    Why I did not support the increase was they did not show a loss on any Financial Reports, Just Heresay by one Trustee, who seldom shoots. After at least a 25% increase of shooters, that shoot is now losing entries, & the good attending shooters from West Virginia won't come back. I asked for the last 3 years financial report and the IRS 990 forms which Members are entitled to see, I was not given Them, So I think this is the site to Report on what has happened. Membership has grown since 1997 and the Bylaws are severly outdated for a Member owned Corporation. The state of Ohio Attorney Generals Office have Printed Guidelines on Incorporations both Profit and Non-Profit that needs to be looked at, Especially the Accountability Section, Which is totally Ignored. And when brought up it was swept to the side.

    Members were supposed to be given a Copy of the Bylaws when they become members, which they fail to do.

    They took they Bylaws offline to hide that fact. They are still off line, but the Ohio State Attorney Generals Office provided me with a copy of them.

    And a copy of Ohio Non-Profit Corporations Handbook

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